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Car-PC systems for individuals

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Car computer for enthusiasts

The main advantage of car-pcs is the almost endless ability for customizing and extension. Because of the accustomed PC-plattform you can take use of the big world of standard hard- and software. And for the more special mobile requirements you will find a wide range of power supplies, radio- and TV-receivers, input devices and software in our product range.

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DAB FM Digital Radio


DAB+ FM ! | 78 x 45 mm size ! | FM with RDS !

Designed in Australia, the DAB+ FM Digital Radio Development Board Pro provides a platform for developing and evaluating DAB+, SlideShow and FM receiver. The b [...]

89.95 EUR

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Automotive USB FM/RDS Radio


Centrafuse ! | Radiator ! | InCar Terminal !

This FM/RDS-tuner especially was developed for mobile usage. It is connected to the PC by USB and 3.55mm Line-In/Mic-In. An antenna is included in scope of supp [...]

49.95 EUR

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Mini-ITX enclosure


Aluminium metal design ! | For M1/M2-ATX !

VoomPC-2 car PC enclosure The voomPC(TM) automotive (car, boat, electric cart) enclosure is a small, rugged car PC (carputer) enclosure designed [...]

99.95 EUR

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